Create a site for your game jam with venue information and ticket registration. We help you host local game jams by providing a site with all the information attendees need.

Create a game jam

Tailored for jams

JamHost has been refined over the years supporting the Melbourne Global Game Jam. With years of experience running local game jams, we provide you with everything you need to make your jam run as smoothly as possible.

Online ticket purchases

If you're running a game jam with priced tickets, attendees can purchase tickets through the JamHost website, with payments made into your Stripe account. We also support discount codes.

On-site registration

Know when your attendees arrive. JamHost provides on-site registration so you can ensure that certain information (such as a secret theme) is only made available to people at the venue.

Reach attendees

JamHost can automatically add attendees to Slack and MailChimp, giving you tools to contact your attendees before the jam and make on-the-day communication easier.

Collect information

Before attendees arrive, collect information about computer usage, room scale VR and dietary requirements.

Legal agreements

Get your attendees to agree to legal documents such as a code of conduct and computer use policy before they attend the jam.

Reports & Analytics

JamHost provides reporting on attendees and connects to Google Analytics.

Network enforcement

Desktop tools to help you comply with network and computer usage requirements specified by your venue.

It's free

Creating a JamHost site is free, with a small fee charged on ticket purchases.